What is Hubb?
Hubb is the new generation interactive classified portal.
A platform (Website/Smart App) where service providers can list their companies and services where customers can find them easily.
Hubb helps small/medium companies stand out from the crowd and compete with large enterprises to help them reach their potential customers with no extra cost.
Hubb gives SMEs a professional marketing service through its website, smart app and even social media channels so these companies can earn an audience and boost their sales.
How is Hubb going to do that?
Via website/smart app:
By listing your company with Hubbae, your ad will/can be:
•    Displayed on the site/smart app to all service seekers.
•    Google-friendly, so it can appear on google search result.
•    Featured on the website/smart app so it can be displayed on the welcoming page or the search result page.
•    Include your accurate and precise location on Google Maps.
Via Social Media Channels:
•    Your ad will be featured on all of our social media channels which include LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
•    With an audience spread all over the UAE, you can reach customers not only in your area but also from all over the UAE.
Via Google/Bing search engine:
•    Being an expert in SEO/SEM, Hubb will promote your company by using google tools like Google AdWords via Search networks and Display networks.
•    Hubb will also list your business with google, and you will appear on Google maps.
How listing with Hubb can be beneficial for your business?
•    The UAE has a very competitive and narrow market, especially for service providers.
•    Hubb helps shout out loud your business and grab the attention of your potential customers.
•    Hubb also makes it easier for customers looking for services on the internet to find you.
•    It is cost effective and has no hidden PPC charges.
I have an SME. How is Hubb going to help me with my marketing?
•    Hubb helps small and medium businesses grow and expand.
•    Weekly-monthly statistics about the number of page views/number of ad clicks and your rank among other competitors and similar businesses will be provided helping you stay informed about your position in the market.
•    Large enterprises use these statistics as business development references.
•    The statistics presented to make you aware of strengths and weaknesses of your business.
•    Similar statistics will also improve your ROI.
What makes Hubb different from other competitors?
•    Hubb is a smart interactive and up-to-date platform.
•    Hubb website is SEO friendly.
•    Hubb is entirely free, no hidden charges.
•    Free marketing tool for your services via google search, Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
•    Doesn’t contain any sponsored ads that would distract your potential clients from your ad.
•    Hubb has its search system with different filters which help you customers find you quickly and efficiently.
•    Enhanced search engine/filters
•    List your company with us online (It only takes 3 minutes).
•    Allows you to reach potential customers from all over the UAE.
•    Available on different platforms.
•    Cost effective.
•    Hubb is already listed with “Google Partners.”
•    Shows your business location on Google maps.
•    Create your local online presence (no website is required).
•    Results based on the services you are providing.
•    Already having an audience on social media.
•    Hubb is very interactive, user-friendly and has-it-all.
•    Hubb gives you statistics about the number of pageviews/statistics/demographics of your audience… (business development tool)
What to expect from Hubb within the next three months?
Hubb will be live on May 15, 2017
By November, Hubb will
•    Be available in Arabic, English, Chinese, and Russian
•    Be available not only locally or regionally but also globally
•    Impose its presence locally and take over the local/regional/global market
How to register your company with Hubb?
•    Go to www.hubbae.ae
•    Click on “Register on www.hubbae.ae
•    Select the service category.
•    Select the main activities provided by your business.
•    Enter the details (as shown in the video) like Business name, address, phone number…
•    Submit the form.
How to make sure that your application has been submitted and your company will get listed?
•    Usually, after submitting the form, you will receive a message showing that your form has been submitted.
•    Within few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email/SMS.
I already registered my company/business with Hubb. Can I modify/delete/see a preview of my ad?
•    Once you receive an SMS containing your code, you can log in and
o    Create an ad
o    Modify an ad
o    Add Branches
o    Delete an ad
o    See a preview of your ad
Why should you advertise with Hubb now and not six months from now?
•    The first six months are completely complementary starting from April 2018.
•    If you advertise now, you will have the chance to feature your ads with Hubb also for free.
•    Your ROI (Return on investment will be ∞)
What If I don’t want to continue advertising with Hubb. What Should I do?
We are always trying to offer Hubb customers the best experience.
In case you don’t need to continue advertising with us, you can contact us directly and ask for cancellation.
Kindly note that our billing cycle starts on the 1st of each month,
if you want to cancel your subscription.